Lake Nokomis, WI | Weekend Getaway

This past weekend, I was craving a weekend getaway from the city.  It was too cold to go camping so we looked at a few different websites for cabin rentals in Wisconsin and Michigan. We ended up using to book a small cabin on Lake Nokimos in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. It was a fairly long drive from Chicago (5+  hours) but it had everything I was looking for. It was tiny, right on the water, with a fire pit and access to boats and canoes.


The weather was perfect for fall. 40s, sunny and not a stitch of wind, but most of the cottages and houses on the lake had already been abandoned for the winter. We saw one fishing boat with a man and his dog and other than that we didn’t see another soul the entire weekend. Continue reading “Lake Nokomis, WI | Weekend Getaway”


8 Simple Ways to Set Yourself Up for a Good Mood

“The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood.” – Voltaire

Some days you’re just not in the mood. And that’s ok. But there are a number of easy, proactive things you can do to keep yourself moving forward and on your way to better days. So in recognition of World Mental Health Day, read on for my list of simple things you can do to set yourself up for a good mood. Continue reading “8 Simple Ways to Set Yourself Up for a Good Mood”

Camping for a Green Bay Packers Game

Since moving to Chicago, I’ve always wanted to drive up to Green Bay, WI to attend a Bears vs Packers game but logistically it can be a nightmare. This is a big rivalry game and Green Bay is such a small town there aren’t enough accommodations for everyone that comes up from Chicago. People end up staying in Appleton if they’re willing to pay inflated hotel prices or driving all the way back to Chicago after the game if they aren’t. I decided to go for Option 3. Camping. Here’s how it went. Continue reading “Camping for a Green Bay Packers Game”

Kayaking in Chicago | Lake Michigan

With summer winding down, I’ve been cramming as many warm-weather activities in as possible. I wanted to write a quick post about my recent adventure because as a long-time Chicago resident, one thing I’ve never done in the city is kayaking.

There are a few companies you can rent kayaks through but we opted for Kayak Chicago because they operate a location out of North Avenue Beach. They also offer Stand Up Paddle-board and Catamaran rentals as well as tours and lessons. Continue reading “Kayaking in Chicago | Lake Michigan”

Solo Camping Trip | Suitcasey

“A woman camping in the middle of nowhere by herself?! *Gasp* How dangerous!”

That’s the general reaction I received when I told people what I wanted to do with my long 4th of July weekend. But camping in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is something I’ve always wanted to do and in my head I already pictured it. Me and my dog, in a remote location, enjoying the freedom and relaxation that comes with not having an agenda. Continue reading “Solo Camping Trip | Suitcasey”

First Time in Scottsdale, AZ | Suitcasey

Winter in Chicago tends to overstay it’s welcome and this spring has been especially dreary. My friend Christine and I had had enough and booked last-minute flights to Arizona to escape the cold. We thrived in all of our “basic” glory by hiking, brunching and working on our tans. The perfect vacation trifecta if you ask me.

The Hikes

We started the weekend by hiking the Piestewa Peak Summit Trail on Saturday morning around 7:45am and the trail was fairly crowded as you would expect on a weekend. This 1.9 mile hike was gradual in spots and steeper in others. It took us about 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to the top with frequent stops for water and photo ops. I hadn’t hiked since the Inca Trial last spring and my legs and lungs were burning most of the way! Continue reading “First Time in Scottsdale, AZ | Suitcasey”

Quick Stop in Charleston, SC

Well, we’ve reached the middle of the NFL season (have I ever mentioned that I work in the NFL? Well, now I have). This year I wanted to be sure to use our Bye Week wisely, so I took a quick trip down to Charleston to visit one of my good friends. It was my first time in Charleston, and I thought I would share some quick highlights with you all! Continue reading “Quick Stop in Charleston, SC”