Travel Theme: Dry

Chicago is getting hit with yet another winter storm, just when it was starting to warm up. And by warm I mean get above 0 degrees. It’s time to ignore the flurries outside my window because this week’s travel theme is DRY.

Hyde Park  |  London  |  2009


The Alamo  | San Antonio, Texas  |  2010


DRYing Audi  |  2010


Baguette  |  Paris  |  2013


Cattail  |  Michigan  |  2009


Rome  |  Italy  |  2009


Stay dry (and warm) out there, friends!


Take 12 Trips: January

Well, another month has gone by and I feel like I haven’t had a moment to catch my breath. I’ve had a lot of new experiences but I didn’t actually take a proper trip.


So, like November, this month is going to be all about my mini-trips and what I did with what (little) free time I had. January’s Take 12 Trips theme is FOOD! What are you supposed to do when it’s -45 degrees outside but eat?

My roommate, that you’ve come to know so well, and I braved the polar vortexes (vortexi?) and did quite a bit of restaraunting around Chicago. Prepare yourselves for some food porn. Continue reading “Take 12 Trips: January”

Take 12 Trips: December | Rose Bowl

Hello again my friends and Happy New Year!

My December #Take12Trips adventure was to Pasadena, California to cheer on my Michigan State Spartans in the Rose Bowl! This was MSU’s first time in the Rose Bowl since before I was born and a trip I will NEVER forget. Continue reading “Take 12 Trips: December | Rose Bowl”

Take 12 Trips Challenge: November

November was the first full month since my commitment to the Take 12 Trips Challenge and of course it was a month of complete madness. I started a new job with a Chicago sports team and I’ve been balancing the unemployed-to-fulltime transition with a heavy addiction to college sports. My life has been consumed by sports, but I love it.

So, what was my #Take12Trips adventure this past month? I attended 4 football and 3 basketball games. That’s almost a full 24 HOURS of live sports action plus 24 HOURS of traveling to or from these games.  And I’ve watched so much sports television I balk at the idea of trying to count the hours spent on the couch. Or the number of beers consumed while watching sports. Let’s not go there.

I’m going to give myself a break this first month as a reward for earning a paycheck again and count all of this sports traveling as my November Trip. With a little help from Instagram, here are the highlights: Continue reading “Take 12 Trips Challenge: November”

The Girls: Caribbean Cruise Edition

A lot of spontaneity goes into the trips that my two best friends, Sam and Lindsay, and I take. A few years ago it was a random night that we got together and booked tickets for a 5-day cruise through the Caribbean. This was my first cruise and I learned a lot through a series of ‘wins’ and ‘fails’. Continue reading “The Girls: Caribbean Cruise Edition”

Giving Thanks | Suitcasey

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and inspired by my roommate and nonbiological sister, Sarah The Half Dietitian Half Human, I’m dedicating a blog entry to the things that I am thankful for. I’m limiting my list to five because when I attempted to make it longer I ended up with a list of my favorite foods. Continue reading “Giving Thanks | Suitcasey”