Camping for a Green Bay Packers Game

Since moving to Chicago, I’ve always wanted to drive up to Green Bay, WI to attend a Bears vs Packers game but logistically it can be a nightmare. This is a big rivalry game and Green Bay is such a small town there aren’t enough accommodations for everyone that comes up from Chicago. People end up staying in Appleton if they’re willing to pay inflated hotel prices or driving all the way back to Chicago after the game if they aren’t. I decided to go for Option 3. Camping. Here’s how it went. Continue reading “Camping for a Green Bay Packers Game”


Kayaking in Chicago | Lake Michigan

With summer winding down, I’ve been cramming as many warm-weather activities in as possible. I wanted to write a quick post about my recent adventure because as a long-time Chicago resident, one thing I’ve never done in the city is kayaking.

There are a few companies you can rent kayaks through but we opted for Kayak Chicago because they operate a location out of North Avenue Beach. They also offer Stand Up Paddle-board and Catamaran rentals as well as tours and lessons. Continue reading “Kayaking in Chicago | Lake Michigan”

Take 12 Trips: January

Well, another month has gone by and I feel like I haven’t had a moment to catch my breath. I’ve had a lot of new experiences but I didn’t actually take a proper trip.


So, like November, this month is going to be all about my mini-trips and what I did with what (little) free time I had. January’s Take 12 Trips theme is FOOD! What are you supposed to do when it’s -45 degrees outside but eat?

My roommate, that you’ve come to know so well, and I braved the polar vortexes (vortexi?) and did quite a bit of restaraunting around Chicago. Prepare yourselves for some food porn. Continue reading “Take 12 Trips: January”

I’m Moving to Chicago! | Suitcasey

I can finally and officially announce that I am moving to Chicago at the end of August!

I graduated from Michigan State University and have been working and living in East Lansing ever since.  Over time, all of my close friends have moved away and I was left wondering what the future held and when my turn would come.  And then I received a text from Sarah, the Half Dietitian Half Human herself. She was going to need a roommate at the end of the summer. Continue reading “I’m Moving to Chicago! | Suitcasey”

A Weekend In Chicago

This past weekend, I was due to pay another visit to my best friend of 15+ years who currently lives and works in Chicago. Sarah is her name and she is a Registered Dietitian with a delightful blog about nutrition and healthy living. She also has a really cool cat named Chewy. You all should definitely check her out.

A Sarah and Casey get together usually revolves around food. Big surprise. Continue reading “A Weekend In Chicago”