Travel Theme: Connections

This week’s Travel Theme, and my first Travel Theme post, is Connections.

Family Connections: My very lucky family in Barcelona (2011)

Family Connections

Literal Travel Connection: Tower Bridge in London (2009)

Tower Bridge London

Best Friend Connection: Sam – > Me -> Lindsay in Paris (2013)


Historical Connection: Sharing a rare birthday with someone from centuries ago, Edinburgh (2009)


Love Connections: The Lock Bridge in Paris (2013)


This was really fun to put together so let me know if you liked this post and I’ll do more themed photo challenges in between travel recaps!


European Family Vacation: Mishaps and Memories

Family vacations usually stop when the last kid leaves for college. It’s hard enough getting the family over for dinner, let alone overseas for two weeks. But that is what we were determined to do. To take some stress off of my parents, my brothers and I planned a European vacation, booked the flights and hotels and told my dad, “you’re going”.

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