Lake Nokomis, WI | Weekend Getaway

This past weekend, I was craving a weekend getaway from the city.  It was too cold to go camping so we looked at a few different websites for cabin rentals in Wisconsin and Michigan. We ended up using to book a small cabin on Lake Nokimos in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. It was a fairly long drive from Chicago (5+  hours) but it had everything I was looking for. It was tiny, right on the water, with a fire pit and access to boats and canoes.


The weather was perfect for fall. 40s, sunny and not a stitch of wind, but most of the cottages and houses on the lake had already been abandoned for the winter. We saw one fishing boat with a man and his dog and other than that we didn’t see another soul the entire weekend. Continue reading “Lake Nokomis, WI | Weekend Getaway”


Solo Camping Trip | Suitcasey

“A woman camping in the middle of nowhere by herself?! *Gasp* How dangerous!”

That’s the general reaction I received when I told people what I wanted to do with my long 4th of July weekend. But camping in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is something I’ve always wanted to do and in my head I already pictured it. Me and my dog, in a remote location, enjoying the freedom and relaxation that comes with not having an agenda. Continue reading “Solo Camping Trip | Suitcasey”

Girls in Nashville: Mardi Gras Style

The weekend of Mardi Gras, Sam, Lindsay and I took a road-trip to visit our friend Megan who lives in Nashville. We packed up Sam’s fuel-efficient Honda and headed south. It was about an 8 hour drive from Greater-Detroit and Megan had some delicious cocktails waiting for us when we arrived. That is how our weekend started and the reason this post was a little fuzzy to piece together but I managed to pick out a few of my favorite details from the trip. Continue reading “Girls in Nashville: Mardi Gras Style”

A Weekend In Chicago

This past weekend, I was due to pay another visit to my best friend of 15+ years who currently lives and works in Chicago. Sarah is her name and she is a Registered Dietitian with a delightful blog about nutrition and healthy living. She also has a really cool cat named Chewy. You all should definitely check her out.

A Sarah and Casey get together usually revolves around food. Big surprise. Continue reading “A Weekend In Chicago”