Quick Stop in Charleston, SC

Well, we’ve reached the middle of the NFL season (have I ever mentioned that I work in the NFL? Well, now I have). This year I wanted to be sure to use our Bye Week wisely, so I took a quick trip down to Charleston to visit one of my good friends. It was my first time in Charleston, and I thought I would share some quick highlights with you all! Continue reading “Quick Stop in Charleston, SC”


Kentucky Derby 2014 | Suitcasey

Hello again! It’s been way too long since I’ve shared a travel story. I won’t say that my attempt at the Take 12 Trips Challenge was a complete failure, just that I took a three-month hiatus. I’m going to use a lame excuse and blame my busy work schedule but I’m back with another new trip and that’s all that matters, right?

In a last-minute decision, I made the 5-hour drive from Chicago to Louisville and I met up with my travel buddy Lindsay and a large groups of her friends for the 140th Kentucky Derby. It was my first horse race experience so I wasn’t sure what to expect, and boy oh boy, was it like nothing I could have ever imagined.

Let me paint the picture for you. Continue reading “Kentucky Derby 2014 | Suitcasey”

Take 12 Trips: December | Rose Bowl

Hello again my friends and Happy New Year!

My December #Take12Trips adventure was to Pasadena, California to cheer on my Michigan State Spartans in the Rose Bowl! This was MSU’s first time in the Rose Bowl since before I was born and a trip I will NEVER forget. Continue reading “Take 12 Trips: December | Rose Bowl”

Take 12 Trips Challenge: November

November was the first full month since my commitment to the Take 12 Trips Challenge and of course it was a month of complete madness. I started a new job with a Chicago sports team and I’ve been balancing the unemployed-to-fulltime transition with a heavy addiction to college sports. My life has been consumed by sports, but I love it.

So, what was my #Take12Trips adventure this past month? I attended 4 football and 3 basketball games. That’s almost a full 24 HOURS of live sports action plus 24 HOURS of traveling to or from these games.  And I’ve watched so much sports television I balk at the idea of trying to count the hours spent on the couch. Or the number of beers consumed while watching sports. Let’s not go there.

I’m going to give myself a break this first month as a reward for earning a paycheck again and count all of this sports traveling as my November Trip. With a little help from Instagram, here are the highlights: Continue reading “Take 12 Trips Challenge: November”

The ‘Take 12 Trips’ Challenge

In 2013, I have been making an effort to travel more and and try new things.  It started with an impromptu trip to New Orleans the first week of January and escalated to a two-week adventure in Europe and the beginnings of this blog. Although I’ve traveled more miles this past year than I have maybe ever, it doesn’t feel like enough. There are so many more places I want to see while I have the chance. So, it’s time to get my butt in gear.

The idea of the ‘Take 12 Trips’ challenge comes from the travel blog, Need Another Holiday in celebration of her one year blogiversary. All the challenge calls for is taking one trip a month for the next year. No matter how small (a day at the local museum) or big (South Africa, anyone?).

I am committing to this challenge so I will make less excuses for spending the weekend on the couch and more of an effort to achieve my goal of seeing as much of the world as I can, while I can.

Anyone else up for the challenge? Check out #Take12Trips on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to following along with the adventures of fellow wanderers. Maybe it will inspire you as well!