Travel Theme: Dry

Chicago is getting hit with yet another winter storm, just when it was starting to warm up. And by warm I mean get above 0 degrees. It’s time to ignore the flurries outside my window because this week’s travel theme is DRY.

Hyde Park  |  London  |  2009


The Alamo  | San Antonio, Texas  |  2010


DRYing Audi  |  2010


Baguette  |  Paris  |  2013


Cattail  |  Michigan  |  2009


Rome  |  Italy  |  2009


Stay dry (and warm) out there, friends!


Travel Theme: Sky

This week’s travel theme is SKY! Sky pictures are some of my favorites so a few of these are going to be re-shares with links to some of my older posts. I hope you enjoy! Continue reading “Travel Theme: Sky”

Travel Theme: Short

This week’s Travel Theme is all about things that are SHORT. While searching through my photos I realized the majority of them were of things that are tall or extraordinarily large so I’ll stick to the theme and keep this post short by only sharing a few.

Short Breakfast: Cafes Richard in Paris, France (2013)


Short Pup: Dewi vs. The Step (2010)


Short Bridge: The Famous Swilcan Bridge on St. Andrews Old Course, Scotland (2011)


Until next time, wanderers!

Travel Theme: Connections

This week’s Travel Theme, and my first Travel Theme post, is Connections.

Family Connections: My very lucky family in Barcelona (2011)

Family Connections

Literal Travel Connection: Tower Bridge in London (2009)

Tower Bridge London

Best Friend Connection: Sam – > Me -> Lindsay in Paris (2013)


Historical Connection: Sharing a rare birthday with someone from centuries ago, Edinburgh (2009)


Love Connections: The Lock Bridge in Paris (2013)


This was really fun to put together so let me know if you liked this post and I’ll do more themed photo challenges in between travel recaps!